Welcome to my blog! I’m Vicki. I’m a 22-year old college grad, avid reader, and aspiring book editor. Literary Morsels: A Guide to Reading Great Short Stories is for anyone who loves to read, or wants to read more but doesn’t think they have the time. That’s the beauty of short fiction—it’s short! Most of the stories I feature are contemporary and what I consider excellent examples of compelling reads. The inspiration for this blog stems from my current coursework: Creative Writing Workshop: Short Fiction. I’m learning a lot about what makes a story intriguing, so in each post I’ll sprinkle in a bit of the academic perspective. My selections will be tagged and categorized based on what I feel are their specific literary strengths, such as characterization, details, dialogue, plot, and setting.

If novels are an entire photo album, short stories are the individual pictures. They’re just a snapshot, a glimpse into life, love, loss…they’re brevity makes them uniquely evocative.

When I read a short story, I expect that figurative punch in the gut, and I love the way that feeling lingers long after the 15, maybe 30 minutes it takes to read the actual story. You don’t have to read a 500-page novel to get that feeling. ~ All you need is a morsel ~

Creative Collaborator15023_1406962449134_6120141_n

I am so excited to have one of my best friends contributing her artistic talents to this blog! Her name is Devin and each drawing is her original interpretation of the featured short stories.  Devin and I have known each other since our freshman year of college, week 1, when we shared an umbrella in a late summer downpour. True story. Devin loves to read, and because she can draw, she has that unique and enviable talent of being able to translate words into visuals – something I’ve always wished I could do. So a BIG THANK YOU to Devin for making these great stories come to life!

Check out her full bio on The Artist’s Page.


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