Posted in March 2013

From Page to Screen: “Keith” by Ron Carlson

From Page to Screen: “Keith” by Ron Carlson

First sentence: They were lab partners. Characterization: Keith was the window, wallpaper, woodwork. He’d been there for years and they’d never seen him. This was complicated because for years he was short and then he grew tall. And then he grew a long black slash of hair and now he had a crewcut. He was … Continue reading

“You’re Ugly, Too”  by Lorrie Moore

“You’re Ugly, Too” by Lorrie Moore

First sentence: “You had to get out of them occasionally, those Illinois towns with the funny names: Paris, Oblong, Normal.” Humor: The trick to flying safe, Zoë always said, was never to buy a discount ticket and to tell yourself you had nothing to live for anyway, so that when the plane crashed it was no big deal. … Continue reading