A Good Fit for Small Screens, Short Stories Are Selling – NYTimes.com

via A Good Fit for Small Screens, Short Stories Are Selling – NYTimes.com.

A great piece, just published a couple weeks ago:

“In recent decades the traditional outlets for individual short stories have dwindled, with literary magazines closing or shrinking. But the Internet has created an insatiable maw to feed.”

Cal Morgan makes an excellent point about how the Internet has changed the style of writing:

“The Internet has made people a lot more open to reading story forms that are different from the novel, and you see a generation of writers very engaged in experimentation.”

More often then not – and somewhat understandably – the publishing industry is preoccupied with profits, and short stories were traditionally never big money makers (“critically overlooked”  with “lower sales”). I have only ever been required to purchase one short story collection in my four years of college (for a  fairy tales class), and as a dedicated library-goer, I can’t say I’ve monetarily supported the medium. But a program like Kindle Singles can perhaps convince me why I should start. Especially given the fact that I don’t necessarily need to buy a writer’s entire collection anymore; the “digital age” has made it possible to sells stories piecemeal – for sometimes as little as 99 cents.

And then this happened – basically mirroring my own philosophy on short fiction:

“Stories are also perfect for the digital age, she [Amber Dermont] added, because readers ‘want to connect and want that connection to be intense and to move on. That is, after all, what a short story is all about.

Short fiction may be well on its way to becoming the darling of the publishing industry.

Here’s to making the world a more literary place, one morsel at a time!


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